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Serene Fishing Co Ltd äger den pelagiska trålareLK 279 Serene på 2 751 ton. Ägare till bolaget är David Shearer, Bryan Wilbert Sutherland, George Robert Polson, Magnus John Polson, Robert John Polson, Gilbert Williamson och Thomas Sutherland Eunson med 14,29% var. I styrelsen sitter Hazel Jane Henderson och flera personer ur familjen Polson såväl som David Shearer, Eunson och Sutherland.

Bolagen Valkyrie Fishing Co Ltd och Tranquility Fishing Co Ltd hör  samman med Serene Fishing Co Ltd och flera ur familjerna Polson och Shearer sitter i styrelserna, däribland George Robert Polson i Serene, Valkyrie och Valladale Fishing, Robert John Polson i Serene, Tranquility och Valkyrie samt Magnus John Polson i Serene och Valkyrie. Även Gilbert Williamson sitter i styrelserna för såväl Valkyrie Fishing som Serene Fishing. Valkyrie Fishing Ltd ägs av Robert John Polson medan Tranquility ägs av Robert John Polson (33,34%), LHD Ltd (16,67%), James Arthur Shearer (16,67%), David Alexander Shearer (16,67%) och Stuart Anderson (16,6%). Valladale ägs helt av George Robert Polson och Wilma Grace Polson (sannolikt en dotter). Robert John Polson äger för sin del Rjp Fishing Co Ltd.

Tranquility Fishing äger trålaren LK 63 Tranquility på 222 bruttoton, Valkyrie Fishing har inte bedrivit någon verksamhet de senaste åren och vilka båtar Valladale eller Rjp äger (om företagen äger nån) är oklart.

Robert Jon Polson (Bobby Polson, Robert Polson) och Thomas Eunson är några av de fiskare som dömts för olovligt fiske i Nordsjön:

The group admitted making illegal landings of mackerel and herring worth £47.5 million between January 1 2002 and March 19 2005.

The ”black fish” scam, which broke sea fishing laws, was carried out at fish processing factory Shetland Catch in Lerwick, Shetland.

Judge Lord Turnbull said the scam is ”an episode of shame” for the pelagic fishing industry.

He said it was a ”cynical and sophisticated” operation which had the ”connivance of a number of different interested parties”.

The Daily Record recently revealed the scale of the scam.

The trawler men behind the “black fish” swindle heaped gifts on family and friends.

They also used some of the cash to improve their fleets so they could catch even more fish. The 17 skippers admitted landing illegal catches worth £47.5million.

But sources close to the Shetland fishing community suggested the extent of the scam could be much bigger.

One said: “The figure is just the tip of the iceberg. One of those boats could land that in a year and there is more than one vessel and skipper involved.

“It doesn’t require Carol Vorderman to work it out.

“I don’t think we will ever know how much they made and where all that money went.”

Det handlade om mycket stora pengar, Robert John Polosn illegalt sålda fångster beräknas ha inbringat 3,6 miljoner pund, Thomas Eunsons 1,5 miljoner pund:

Robert John Polson, 47, made 46 ”black” landings worth £3,682,000, and David Kay Hutchison, 64, made 49 landings worth £3,698,433, from the vessel Charisma; Thomas Sutherland Eunson, 55, made 18 illegal landings worth £1,457,243, and Allen Magnus Anderson, 44, made four undeclared landings valued at £442,168 from the trawler Serene; while John Arthur Irvine, 66, made 56 landings worth £3,658,981 and Allister Irvine, 61, made 25 landings worth £1,828,981 from the Zephyr.

Serene är medlem i Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association (SPFA).

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