Fiskebas – Antarctic II

Fiskebas Fishing Co Ltd är ägare till den pelagiska trålaren LK145 Antarctic II på 1 771 ton. Företagets ägare är tre bröder, Raymond James Stewart, John William Stewart och Arthur George Stewart. De äger tillsammans 60% (20% var) av företaget. Dessutom äger John Arthur Poleson och Campbell Gray Inkster 20% var. Alla sitter de också i företagets styrelse. Där sitter också Hazel Jane Henderson som sitter i styrelsen för nästan alla fiskeriföretag på Shetland.

John William Stewart är en av de fiskare som dömts för olovligt fiske i Nordsjön:

Among the seven Shetland boats involved the biggest fines of £80,000 each were handed down to Antares skipper Laurence Irvine, 66, and Zephyr skipper John Irvine, 68 while Serene skipper Bobby Polson, 48, was fined £70,000.

The other Shetlanders fined were: Research skippers Willie Williamson, 64, £45,000 and Gary Williamson, 52, £35,000; Charisma skipper David Hutchison, 66, £40,000; Serene men Thomas Eunson, 56, £40,000 and Allen Anderson, 55, £3,000; Zephyr skipper Allister Irvine, 63, £35,000.

Antarctic skippers John Stewart, 56, and Colin Leask, 38, were fined £15,000 and £3,000 respectively; Adenia skipper George Anderson, 55, was fined £12,000 and another Adenia skipper George Henry, 60, of Clousta, had to pay £12,000. He was the only one of the accused from Shetland not from or living in Whalsay.

Four Scottish skippers were also fined for their landings at Shetland Catch. They were: Hamish Slater, 52, of Fraserburgh, £80,000 and Victor Buschini, 51, of Poulton Le Flyde, Lancashire, £70,000, both from the Enterprise and the Kings Cross pair Alexander Masson, 65, of Fraserburgh, £50,000 and Alexander Wiseman, 60, of Banff, £50,000.

Judge Lord Turnbull told the 17 skippers they had been involved in a “cynical and sophisticated” scheme which was a deliberate and calculated attempt to evade the quota system.

He described the men as normally law-abiding, but added: “The motivation was purely financial. Those who were already making a good living saw this as a way more income could be generated and were prepared to participate in deliberate lies and falsehoods.”

The 13 Shetland men have already been ordered to pay back £1.7 million in profits from the trade as well as having their boats’ quotas docked by the EU. The Scottish skippers had to pay back £1.2 million, making a total of £2.9 million.

As they the fishermen left court en masse they made no comment.

Det handlade om mycket stora pengar:

Robert John Polson, 47, made 46 ”black” landings worth £3,682,000, and David Kay Hutchison, 64, made 49 landings worth £3,698,433, from the vessel Charisma; Thomas Sutherland Eunson, 55, made 18 illegal landings worth £1,457,243, and Allen Magnus Anderson, 44, made four undeclared landings valued at £442,168 from the trawler Serene; while John Arthur Irvine, 66, made 56 landings worth £3,658,981 and Allister Irvine, 61, made 25 landings worth £1,828,981 from the Zephyr.

Antarctic II är medlem i Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association (SPFA).

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