Nygård och Opstad

Familjen Nygård äger Nybo Holding AS som äger snörpvadsbåten M 56MD Nybo på 2 142 ton. Två av sönerna i till Arnt Inge Nygård äger Mariehamn Kystfiske AS som äger den lilla fiskebåten Scott.

Opstad Shipping AS ägs av familjen Opstad och sysslar med offshoreverksamhet. Familjen Opstad äger också majoriteten av Opstad Offshore AS med Nybo Holding AS som näst största ägare. Opstad Offshore äger ett antal supplyfartyg med förnmanet Bravo och har funnits sen 1960-talet:

Opstad Shipping A/S is based on the former company ”Brødrene Opstad” which has operated a number of vessels back to the1960`s.

In 1998 Our newbuilding M/S ”Broa” was delivered, trading in Scandinavia. In 1999 the vessel was converted to a seismic support vessel operating world wide.

Opstad Shipping AS is part owner and have the daily operation and management of the vessel Bravo Supporter.

In June—September 2004 the vessel was upgraded and converted in Dubai Drydocks. The main engine was increased to 2450 hp, truster systems was replaced/ upgraded together with Auxilliary engines, generators and power system. Cargohold was devided and supplied with fixed CO2 extinquishing system for carriage of Dangerous goods.

In 2006 we have started a cooperation with Nybo Holding who have their main business in fishing activities. Nybo Holding are holding 34% of the shares in Opstad Offshore AS which is the Ship holding company in the Opstad Group of Companies.

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