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LK 62 Research W på 2 430 ton ägs av Research Fishing Co Ltd. I styrelsen för bolaget sitter Hazel Jane Henderson, Alexander John Polson, William Andrew Williamson, Arthur Stewart Williamson, Gary Williamson, James Irvine Sandison, Henry Anderson Sandison, John Alexander Wishart och Richard Williamson.

Ägare av företaget är familjen Williamson (48,71%), familjen Sandison (25,66%) samt Alexander John Polson och John Alexander Wishart med 12,87% vardera. Andra medlemmar i familjen Sandison äger andel i Antares Fishing (Whalsay) Co Ltd och personer med namnet Polson verkar finnas i de flesta pelagiska fiskeriföretag hemmahörande på Shetland. Precis som många andra stora pelagiska trålare från Shetland är Research W hemmahörande på Whalsay.

William Williamson och Gary Williamson är några av de fiskare som dömts för olovligt fiske i Nordsjön:

Among the seven Shetland boats involved the biggest fines of £80,000 each were handed down to Antares skipper Laurence Irvine, 66, and Zephyr skipper John Irvine, 68 while Serene skipper Bobby Polson, 48, was fined £70,000.

The other Shetlanders fined were: Research skippers Willie Williamson, 64, £45,000 and Gary Williamson, 52, £35,000; Charisma skipper David Hutchison, 66, £40,000; Serene men Thomas Eunson, 56, £40,000 and Allen Anderson, 55, £3,000; Zephyr skipper Allister Irvine, 63, £35,000.

Antarctic skippers John Stewart, 56, and Colin Leask, 38, were fined £15,000 and £3,000 respectively; Adenia skipper George Anderson, 55, was fined £12,000 and another Adenia skipper George Henry, 60, of Clousta, had to pay £12,000. He was the only one of the accused from Shetland not from or living in Whalsay.

Four Scottish skippers were also fined for their landings at Shetland Catch. They were: Hamish Slater, 52, of Fraserburgh, £80,000 and Victor Buschini, 51, of Poulton Le Flyde, Lancashire, £70,000, both from the Enterprise and the Kings Cross pair Alexander Masson, 65, of Fraserburgh, £50,000 and Alexander Wiseman, 60, of Banff, £50,000.

Judge Lord Turnbull told the 17 skippers they had been involved in a “cynical and sophisticated” scheme which was a deliberate and calculated attempt to evade the quota system.

He described the men as normally law-abiding, but added: “The motivation was purely financial. Those who were already making a good living saw this as a way more income could be generated and were prepared to participate in deliberate lies and falsehoods.”

The 13 Shetland men have already been ordered to pay back £1.7 million in profits from the trade as well as having their boats’ quotas docked by the EU. The Scottish skippers had to pay back £1.2 million, making a total of £2.9 million.

As they the fishermen left court en masse they made no comment.

Det handlade om mycket stora pengar:

Robert John Polson, 47, made 46 ”black” landings worth £3,682,000, and David Kay Hutchison, 64, made 49 landings worth £3,698,433, from the vessel Charisma; Thomas Sutherland Eunson, 55, made 18 illegal landings worth £1,457,243, and Allen Magnus Anderson, 44, made four undeclared landings valued at £442,168 from the trawler Serene; while John Arthur Irvine, 66, made 56 landings worth £3,658,981 and Allister Irvine, 61, made 25 landings worth £1,828,981 from the Zephyr.

Research W är medlem i Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association (SPFA).

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