Davis Strait Fisheries

Davis Strait Fisheries är ett kanadensiskt fiskeriföretag med huvudkontor i Halifax, Nova Scotia, som grundades 1991 med tre systerföretag, Acadienne Gale Ltd, Davis Strait Management Ltd och Fisher King Seafoods Ltd.

Företaget handlar med fisk och fiskprodukter samt bedriver fiske efter hälleflundra, krabba och hummer medan systerföretaget Acadienne Gale Ltd äger en stor räktrålare, Acadienne Gale II, på 2 550 bruttoton. Management av Adrienne Gale II handhas av Davis Strait Management Ltd. Adrienne Gale fiskar på en licens som ägs av Caramer Ltd, ett företag som är ägt av inuitiska intressen.

2014 anklagades Acadienne Gale för att ha skadat en kabel för datatrafik:

Tele Greenland alleges in documents filed in the Federal Court of Canada that the crew, the master and owners of the Acadienne Gale II were negligent when the trawler’s fishing gear allegedly caused $2 million worth of damage last year.

The Greenland Connect cable was snapped twice in May 2013, affecting international customers whose Internet service ran between Canada and Iceland.

The Acadienne Gale II is currently in Denmark. If it’s placed under arrest, it means the ship is forbidden from sailing until the court case is resolved or both parties agree it can move.

None of the allegations against the Acadienne Gale II’s crew or owners have been proven in court. They have not yet filed a defence.

Företaget förnekade att de skulle ha orsakat skadorna:

The owner of a Halifax-registered shrimp trawler denies the vessel was behind $2-million worth of damage to a subsea cable operated by a Greenland telecommunications company off the coast of Newfoundland.

A statement of defence filed in June in federal court says none of the fishing gear used by the Acadienne Gale II made any contact with the telecom cable. The trawler is owned by Acadienne Gale Fisheries Ltd., which is affiliated with seafood company Davis Strait Fisheries Ltd.

The cable was twice snapped in May 2013, affecting international Tele Greenland customers whose Internet service runs between Canada and Iceland.

Tele Greenland alleges fishing gear used by the Acadienne Gale II damaged the cable. It also says the vessel was operated in an ”unsafe and unseamanlike manner,” that outdated charts were being used, and that fishing gear was not properly controlled and monitored.

Acadienne Gale II

Acadienne Gale II

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