Kroksholms Olje- och Guanofabrik

Guanofabrik på Lavön innanför Gullholmen som ägdes av det brittiska bolaget Kroksholm Anglo-Swedish Fish-Guano and Oil Company Ltd. Både bolaget och fabriken startades 1894. Ägare tycks ha varit en lång rad brittiska affärsmänmed två bröder Hart i spetsen:

Kroksholm Anglo -Swedish Fish-Guano and Oil Company (Limited). — Capital, 25,000 £ in 5?? shares (of which 1,500 are preference and the rest defeired).

Objects : To acquire and carry on the business of fishguano and oil manufacturers, carried on by George A. Hart and Herbert W. Hart, as Hart Brothers, at Kroksholm, in the island of Lofo, in the kingdom of Sweden, together with all rights in connection with such business, and to enter into an agieement with the vendors for the purpose.

The subscribers (who take one share each) are:

G. H. Anderton, Kilpin Lodge, Howden, chemical-manufacturer;
C. C. Graham, J.P , 165 Beverley Road, Hull;
H. Whittick. the NewJands, Hull, yeast-merchant ;
M. Saumchon, C.B., Hessle, East Yorks ;
W. C. Townsend, Hull, solicitor ;
J. W. Chilman, Hull, solicitor ;
T. Stimson, 22 Regent Street, Hull, clerk.

The first directors (to number not less than five nor more than seven) are : —
George H. Anderton, Christoper C. Graham, George A. Hart, Herbert W. Hart, and Henry Whittick. Qualification, 250 £. Remuneration, IbOl. per annum, divisible.

The two vendors are the managing directors. Registered office, Cogan Chambers, Bowlalley Lane, Hull

På platsen för fabriken låg även under 1700-talets sillperiod en fabriksanläggning med trankokeri och sillsalteri. Efter slutet på 1800-talets sillperiod tycks företaget ha gått i konkurs.

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